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Our site is well-suited to the development of a modern waste management facility.

Killoch was developed in the late 1950s and commissioned as a deep shaft coal mining and processing facility in 1960, operating for nearly three decades until 1987.

At its peak, Killoch employed over 2,300 people and was one of the National Coal Board (NCB) architects, Egon Riss’ great schemes. It provided excellent surface facilities for its workforce and was dominated by its two 55m high winding towers, which were demolished soon after its closure.

Barr has operated as a waste management business from Killoch for over a decade and wants to rejuvenate and recapture the rich history of the site, transforming it from a redundant coal mining site into a modern waste treatment facility.

Killoch is located 10 miles from Ayr on the west coast of Scotland and 5 miles from Cumnock in East Ayrshire. The village of Ochiltree is located 1.5 miles away on the A70 road that passes our site.

The A70 connects Ayr to the M74 at Douglas in South Lanarkshire and was engineered for the heavy traffic seen in the height of coal mining in the region. An electrical substation sits behind Killoch which was designed to drive the winding towers which transported miners into the Killoch pit. A railhead is closely located, currently in use and transporting stockpiled coal to destinations in Scotland.

We will transform a redundant coal mining site into a clean, modern energy-from-waste facility

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