Where is the site?
The site is located 1.5 miles west of Ochiltree on the A70. It is a former coal mine and an industrial site with a proud heritage as a local employer.
Why do you want to update your planning application?
Barr always strives for the very best in everything we do. In the years since our existing consent was granted, we have continued to assess what would be the very best technology to deploy at our Killoch site. We have considered a wide range of options, such as the deliverability and efficiency of different technologies, as well as the changing landscape in terms of waste management priorities in Scotland. As a result, we have determined that a more efficient but slightly larger facility best suits the needs of both our business and the wider community.
What do you mean by ‘residual’ or ‘non-recyclable’ waste?
The Killoch Energy Recovery Park is designed to manage waste that has already had the recyclable materials removed from it. This is known as ‘residual’ or ‘non-recyclable’ waste. The role of our facility will therefore be to stop this element of our waste from going to landfill and instead move it up the waste management hierarchy by managing it more responsibly and sustainably as part of a modern energy-recovery process. It also helps to recover and recycle metals, which often appear in the residual waste stream due to being integrated with, or contaminated by, other non-recyclable materials.
If you don’t receive planning consent for the new facility, will you develop a facility based on your existing consent?
As a business, we’re responding to a significant waste management capacity gap in Scotland and a very real need to meet the Scottish Government’s ‘Zero Waste Scotland’ targets. These are to divert 95% of waste away from landfill and ban municipal biodegradable waste from landfill entirely by 2025. We would need to keep all our options open.
How big will the facility be?
The building has been shortened in length and increased in height to reflect the change in technology. The proposal now is for a number of buildings, with the tallest being up to 45m high, with a stack measuring between 70 and 90 metres.
Where will the non-recyclable waste that you manage come from?
Barr is one of Scotland’s leading waste management companies, operating a variety of high-quality waste treatment, recycling and residual disposal facilities throughout the West of Scotland. We currently manage waste from local homes and businesses through contracts with five local authorities, including homes in both the East Ayrshire Council area and the South Ayrshire Council area. Our facility is therefore sized according to the amounts of non-recyclable waste that we know will need to be managed in the coming years and is primarily being developed to help divert waste created in Ayrshire from going to landfill.
Could solar power generation be incorporated into the project?
We’re not currently planning to incorporate solar generation into our project but we welcome all suggestions / feedback and will ensure this is considered as a potential option as we develop our designs further.
Who will run Killoch ERP once it is operational?
Killoch ERP will be managed by Barr Environmental.
How will EU regulations be applied once Scotland has left the EU?
This is still to be confirmed by Scottish Government but there has been suggestions any standards currently set by the EU will be retained as a minimum standard through domestic legislation. SEPA has also said it is committed to maintaining protection for Scotland’s environment, communities and people during Scotland’s exit from the EU.
Which long-term investor is partnering with Barr Environmental to deliver the Killoch ERP project?
Barr is partnering with Iona Capital, an investment company that specialises in supporting renewable infrastructure projects in the BioEnergy sector.
When will more information be available about the proposals?
More information will be available in our planning application, which we intend to submit to East Ayrshire Council in the early part of 2021. East Ayrshire Council will then run a further public consultation on our plans.
When will the application be submitted to East Ayrshire Council?
This is still to be confirmed but expected to be in the early part of 2021.
Once the application has been submitted, will there be printed copies placed in publicly accessible locations so local people are able to view them?
Current restrictions on movements and public gatherings due to Covid 19 may make this challenging but Barr Environmental will speak with the planning authority and local community councils to identify if this could be possible.

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