Will you be a good neighbour?
Yes, Barr has been operating in the Ayrshire region since the latter part of the 19th century and we consider ourselves a longstanding part of this community. Our head office is now located at Killoch with employees and their families all living locally. We engage with local events, such as the Ayr Show, and we work closely with the education sector through initiatives with Cumnock Academy and the University of the West of Scotland.

In addition, Barr has a long history of providing benefits to community organisations and projects through our participation in the Landfill Tax Credit Scheme. We’re also well known for providing vital public services through our civic amenity sites in Ayrshire.

These activities have always been delivered in a responsible, considerate and compliant manner leading to strong and trusted relationships with local authorities and SEPA (Scottish Environment Protection Agency).

Our facilities process a range of household, commercial and industrial waste from across our region, utilising a mix of mechanical and manual labour. We have been an integral, trusted part of this community for more than 100 years and our commitment will be reinforced as a result of this new investment and the local jobs that that our investment will create.
What will the hours of operation be?
Our facility will manage non-recyclable waste and generate electricity 24 hours a day and seven days a week, with the exception of short periods where we will need to stop operating temporarily in order to complete scheduled maintenance. It is likely that deliveries of waste will largely take place in normal working hours and not on Sundays or Bank Holidays.
Can you explain references to the Killoch ERP project triggering inward investment of £100m to East Ayrshire?
This is the investment required by the developers to bring the Killoch ERP into operations will equate to around £100m. In addition, once operational, we will contribute significant levels of business rate payments each year and add further value to the local economy through the creation of new jobs.
Will there be a community benefit scheme?
We are still developing our proposals and are therefore happy to consider all feedback on this subject.
Will there be an impact on property prices and will this be considered as part of the planning process?
House price changes are not a material planning consideration and will not therefore be considered in determining our application. However, the most recent studies available looked at property prices within 5km of three energy-from-waste facilities and found no negative impact on those prices.
Will a Community Liaison Group be established in relation to the Killoch ERP project?
Yes, we will establish a community liaison group to ensure ongoing dialogue between Barr and the local community. A similar group is currently being established in relation to the existing consent and we would welcome feedback on whether this group should simply evolve into a community liaison group for any new consent we receive.

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