About the Project

Our site already has planning permission for an energy-from-waste facility using gasification-based technology. This consent was awarded in June 2017.

In the years since consent was received, Barr has developed its thinking in relation to the site and the growing need to manage even more non-recyclable waste from the homes and businesses in our region.

We would now like to update our planning permission, which would allow us to develop a different type of energy-from-waste facility. This type of technology – known as ‘moving grate’ – is tried and tested technology, with more than half a dozen similar facilities already operating, or under construction, in Scotland. The new technology will also allow us to meet lower emissions standards while treating a greater amount of non-recyclable waste.

There are nearly 70 of these facilities across the UK and more than 400 worldwide, all recognised as a reliable method of disposal for non-recyclable waste that is both environmentally and economically preferable to landfill or exporting waste overseas. Our new application proposes to use the same tried and tested technology as in the vast majority of these facilities around the world.

If consent is granted, the facility will be higher than previously consented plans. The proposal now is for a number of buildings, with the tallest being up to 45m high, with a stack measuring between 70 and 90 metres.

Our proposed facility will generate electricity equivalent to the needs of around 45,000 homes

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