About the Project

The proposed Killoch Energy Recovery Park facility will sustainably manage waste from local homes and businesses that cannot be recycled - known as residual waste - as well as providing a sustainable source of low carbon energy.

Our facility will safely and responsibly manage approximately 166,000 tonnes of non-recyclable waste each year, while generating sustainable electricity that is equivalent to the needs of approximately 45,000 homes. It will also recover metals for recycling and create bottom ash, a useful by-product that can be used in construction and civil engineering projects as a substitute for virgin materials.

As part of preparing our planning application for East Ayrshire Council, we have conducted a public consultation to enable local people to find out more about our proposals and to have their say. The feedback we received enabled us to finalise and improve our plans, ensuring they represent the best possible solution to managing the non-recyclable waste that’s created every day by our homes and businesses.

If our new plans are given planning consent, they would enable us to optimise our use of the site over the coming decades, managing more of this region’s waste while generating more electricity for our homes and businesses.

The new facility we’re proposing would also be able to generate more heat as a by-product of the waste management and energy generation process. That heat will be a useful and locally produced source of energy that will be used by our existing operations at the Killoch site. It could also be used by other existing nearby users or by other parties looking to invest in the area.

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We understand the importance of managing waste in an efficient and compliant manner.

We support our customers by providing a fully integrated service from collecting and treating waste through to recycling and disposal.

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