Our Proposal

The Barr Killoch Energy Recovery Park is a £60 million investment which will improve the way in which local authorities manage their household waste (e.g. bin bags). The development of this state-of-the-art energy recovery park at Killoch in East Ayrshire will bring significant social and economic benefits to the region.

Our planning application below is also available here on the East Ayrshire Council website.

Environmental Statement


1 | Scoping
1.1 | Request for Scoping Opinion
1.1 | Scoping Opinion
7 | Consultation
9 | Transport
10 | Air Quality
11 | Noise
12 | LVIA
13 Archaeology and Heritage
14 Geo environmental
Appendix 14.1
Appendix B Envirocheck Report
Appendix C BGS Borehole Logs
Appendix D Coal Authority Report
Appendix 14.2
15 | Flood Risk
Appendix 15.1 SEPA Flood Risk Assessment Checklist
Appendix 15.2 Scottish Water Records
Appendix 15.3 Greenfield Qbar Estimation
Appendix 15.4 SEPA Fluvial Flood Map
Appendix 15.5 Stormwater Storage Estimation
16 | Ecology



Ivia Figures


Non Technical Summary

Photomontages and Wirelines