Our Environment

As one of Scotland’s leading waste management companies, Barr takes its commitment to the environment and use of resources seriously and with care and consideration.

The Barr Killoch Energy Recovery Park will operate to the highest national and international environmental standard and be subject to independent assessment and regulation by the Scottish Environmental Protection Agency (SEPA) who will issue any permit to operate the facility.

Environmental Impact Assessment

Barr has undertaken a full environmental impact assessment as part of the planning process which demonstrates how Barr will use the latest technology to deliver stringent compliance with regulations. Traffic impact assessment Barr has undertaken a detailed traffic impact assessment to determine the impact additional traffic may have to the environment and surrounding communities. It is hoped that the clarity this impact has provided shows that there is a nominal impact on traffic to the local area and that the A70 has the capability to cope with additional loads from articulated trucks per day of operation.

Barr is exploring the viability of utilisation the railhead at Killoch as an alternative transport route. However, for the purposes of the project all loads are being considered using road. air Quality Barr has undertaken an air quality assessment which confirms the design of the gasification facility, mitigation and air clear-up measures combined with real-time monitoring man the facility will operate within the tightly defined air quality requirements set by SEPA. These Scottish air quality requirements are some of the most stringent and rigorous in Europe and are subject to independent inspection by SEPA. noise Barr has undertaken noise and vibration analysis which confirms the design of both the material recovery and gasification facilities will operate within the clearly defined decibel levels set by SEPA. The operation of the facility will be conducted within an enclosed, covered facility with sufficient noise dampening and acoustic controls. dust, odour & litter Barr’s proposals include mitigation measures to effectively control dust, odour and litter which include the use of air curtains, filters and fast shutting roller doors to control dust, odour and litter. All operations of the facility will be conducted in an enclosed environment. Contained vehicle movements, road sweeping and other measures will control any impacts from transportation.

If you would like to know more about the Barr Killoch Energy Recovery Park please contact us here: http://www.killoch.com/ask