Gasification Not Incineration

The Barr Killoch Energy Recovery Park will be utilising the most energy efficient, clean and modern gasification technology available.



Gasification seeks to process household waste by warming the waste with hot air (circa. 900°C) which immediately transforms the material into a gas. This gas is then processed with oxygen and cleansed through a boiler to a turbine and generator, transforming the gas into heat and electricity. This is a much more energy efficient process with a minimal volume of ash generated and the vast majority of emissions taking the form of steam. The emissions from the process are treated by filtration prior to them emanated from a stack.

Incineration, in stark contrast, physically burns waste to generate a nominal output of heat and electricity. Significant volumes of ash are created from burning the waste and because the waste has not been effectively pre processed through a material recovery facility, the volume and quality of emissions can be great.

In simple terms, gasification cooks waste rather than that of incineration, which burns waste.

The Barr Killoch Energy Recovery Park will be commissioning a facility which will operate to the highest national and international environmental standard and be subject to independent assessment and regulation by the Scottish Environmental Protection Agency (SEPA) who will issue any permit to operate the facility.

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