Barr Killoch Energy Recovery Park

The proposed £60 million Barr Killoch Energy Recovery Park will have capacity to handle 120,000 tonnes of residual household waste every year.

From this, 85,000 tonnes of refuse derived fuel (RDF) will be created to generate approximately:

The Park will divert household waste away from landfill saving millions of pounds, release recyclates and create a resource which can be used within Scotland to produce valuable power and heat in what will be one of the most energy efficient, clean and modern waste treatment facilities in Europe.

The Barr Killoch Energy Recovery Park will comprise of:

Material Recovery Facility

Material Recovery Facility, which will process household waste and will extract recyclate materials such as metals, plastic and timber which can be separated and recycled. The material that cannot be recycled is known as refuse derived fuel (RDF). RDF is a light, shredded material comprising of paper, cardboard etc. that are of insufficient quality to recycle but have strong thermal qualities RDF has traditionally been sent to landfill or exported by boat to Europe for use as a feedstock to generate heat and electricity. The RDF generated from this process would be used at Killoch to operate an energy recovery gasification facility.


Energy Recovery Gasification Facility

The Energy Recovery Gasification Facility will heat RDF and convert it into a gas from which energy will be created. The energy generated from the facility will be converted into electricity and heat. The electricity will be exported to the National Grid and the heat will be utilised for a diverse range of projects at Killoch, potentially creating more local jobs. For example, the heat could be used to develop a horticultural area to grow vegetables in greenhouses. The gasification facility will also generate a small quantity of ash. This ash will be non-hazardous and will be transported efficiently to Barr’s existing landfill site at Cumnock for safe disposal.

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